(Let me explain…)

It’s unfortunate today that I see so many industries not understand this point.

Notice I said making love. Not sex.  There’s a difference.


See, most people who write copy and try to sell products are like most males when it comes to intercourse.

They just want something quick, that fills their ego, and gives them an incredible feeling.

While at the same time, leaving the female to feel totally unsatisfied.

That’s the same as ‘buy my stuff because I’m hyping it up’ (the product is rushed with no thought) and when the climax comes with the money, the same marketers don’t want to have anything to do with the customer who ‘gave’ themselves to them.

Thus leaving ‘her’ (the customer) unsatisfied.

Maybe that’s why she wants a ‘refund’.

But when you’re asking a customer to do business with you and your copy is conveying your message, it should really be like making love.

See, making love for a wife is different for a husband.

She (the wife) doesn’t need sex all the time.

That’s not her language and neither is the customers’. (i.e hype and stuff)

Sometimes, she needs and wants a foot rub, cooked meal, kids bathed and cleaned, the house settled, bills paid, and extra time out to herself.

This is making love to her.

When the husband (marketer) gets it, then he’ll get ‘it’.

Get it?

So the copy should follow this pattern. Can’t always rush in and act like a horny teenager asking to see the ‘nekid’ parts (wallet) without any ‘foreplay’.

You gotta dial it back, throw on some nice music, set the mood if you will. (headlines and sub headlines, and intros).

Then you have to work to drive her into a frenzy. (expectation of product and results).

And once she can’t take it anymore, you won’t need to work hard to undress her, she’ll help you do it herself. (customer asking for the buy button)

And when the climax comes (the purchase), she’ll be thinking about the ‘next time’ and can’t wait to be with you again. (i.e your future products)

Because she knows (customer) how you made her feel the last time. She knows that you’ll put her needs (goals and dreams) before your own. (the cash).

And then that happens, every time you send a little love letter (email promo), she’ll stop what she’s doing to read it and anticipate the next time you’ll be together. (product launch)

I hope you ‘get it’. 

let’s talk about making your next promo a smashing success ok?

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